Day 1: Shopping!

Day 1: Shopping!

After arriving in Pune after over 30 hours of travel, one and a half of which were spent in a 1:30am traffic jam, I went to bed. I slept in past breakfast and got up in time for morning tea. I’ll have to get used to drinking chai, as they serve it three times a day here. After tea, the two other Sangam Volunteers, another girl who is just passing through on a very long globe-trotting adventure, and Haley, the communications coordinator who had the day off, went to Laxami Road, to shop. We took a rickshaw (a glorified tricycle), and when we got there realized it was Saturday and that we probably should have picked something else to do due to the amount of people.

But we decided to brave it and began at a sari shop that Sangam staff and visitors frequent. To purchase a sari or punjabi, you buy the material at a shop like the one we were at and then take it to a tailor and he makes it specific to your measurements. I picked out a green one with beadwork, and I know I will for sure be making at least one more trip there, there were SO MANY different colors and patterns to see.

My punjabi was 749 rupees, which is about $17 US, and the tailoring will be about 300 rupees and only takes a few days.

After some more shopping, we went to have lunch. It was a good thing Haley was with us, we would have have no idea what to do with that menu. She ordered us a few dishes as we all shared them, as is traditional in India. It was a vegetarian restaurant. We had a few tomato-based vegetable dishes, and some with rice. We ate them with Chapuri, that looks and tastes kind of like a tortilla, and that you use instead of silverware.




We shopped some more and then took a rickshaw back to Sangam, and just chilled out for the rest of the evening, I was still tired from my travels.

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Yours in scouting,

Ana C.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. becky
    Jun 06, 2011 @ 19:41:08

    very cool, Ana. I loved the photos placed throughout the blog. Very interesting. Love you and miss you.


  2. Dylan C.
    Jun 07, 2011 @ 20:10:37

    That food looks delicious. I expect you to be a pro at cooking Indian food when you get back 😛

    But it sounds like you had an awesome day, be sure to post a picture of you in your punjabi when it is finished 🙂



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