Girls’ World Forum/Updates from Ana

Hi there!

It’s been so long!  I wasn’t very good at keeping up with this blog the rest of my time in India, I was so busy!  But the good news is I’m going back again!  I will be returning to Sangam in November to be the Marketing and Communications Intern.  It’s a five month term, so I’ll be there for longer than before, and my job will be more computer-centered so hopefully it will inspire me to keep this blog up.

But, before I get too into talking about India, I am going later this month to attend the Girls’ World Forum in Chicago, the third WAGGGS world forum to celebrate it’s centenary.  There’s more info about it here.  I will be leading a delegation of two girls from East Lansing to represent GSHOM.  Each US council is invited to send a delegation as well as each of WAGGGS other Member Organizations (member countries).  More than 80 council and 90 countries will be represented, and it will be the first international scouting experience for the GSHOM girls.  I’m so excited to meet Girl Guides and Scouts from all over the world, and to work on the Millennium Development Goals.

The forum is July 12-16, and we’ll be in Chicago the 11th to the 17th.  I’ll try and post every day, and I will also be taking over the GSHOM Facebook page during that time.

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Yours in scouting,

Ana Cristina