Back From the Dead!

Hey there! It’s been a while! I’ve brushed off the cobwebs and cleaned out the furnace filters for another Girl Scout adventure. This time not too far from home (which is now Indianapolis, Indiana (but please don’t call me a Hoosier)), just a short car trip to Columbus, Ohio, USA for this years GSUSA National Convention.

The National Convention takes place every three years. I will be in Columbus October 6-8. This will be the first time I am attending, and I am just dipping my toes by volunteering for an overnight at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI) on Saturday night with my wonderful mom, who has been a huge part of my Girl Scout experience from the very beginning. Since I am not super associated with any specific council right now, I thought volunteering would be a good (and cheaper!) way to be there but not take spots away from girls or volunteers who better represent their home councils.

Anyway, at the National Convention, the National Council convenes. The National Council is composed of girl delegates elected by Girl Scout councils across the country, and is the governing body of Girl Scouts. At the convention, the Council elects a board of directors, amends the constitution, and provides guidance to the National Board, among other things. Read more about the specific National Council proposals happening this year here.

We are not sure what to expect, as we have never attended Convention before, but we are very excited to have a girls weekend and I am excited to get back in to Girl Scouts. I have volunteered at a few events and run a few trainings in the last few years, but with moving around so much it has been tough to get really involved anywhere. But it looks like we’ll be here in Indy for a bit (we just bought a house) so hopefully I can get reinspired and more involved. We need Girl Scouts now more than ever,

If you want to know more about Convention please check out the links, and post any comments you have about what you would like to know about my experience. I will try to post Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights, and maybe a few more depending on how much I have to say. Which, let’s be honest, will probably be a lot 🙂

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Just a quick note…

Hello all! Apparently the internet here is even more unreliable than expected, but I don’t want to overload you all with like five posts in one day, so I’ve been writing each one out and then every day that I can connect I’ll try to post one. It will all even out when I inevitably no longer write one post per day.

I think once my training starts I’ll start writing less an account of what I each day because that will probably bore most of you, and write more about specific things I’m noticing/thinking/feeling about being here. If you like or dislike this idea or have any suggestions/comments about what I should write about please leave them in comments, I’d love to hear from you.

In the spirit of Sangam,

Ana Cristina

Day 1: Shopping!

Day 1: Shopping!

After arriving in Pune after over 30 hours of travel, one and a half of which were spent in a 1:30am traffic jam, I went to bed. I slept in past breakfast and got up in time for morning tea. I’ll have to get used to drinking chai, as they serve it three times a day here. After tea, the two other Sangam Volunteers, another girl who is just passing through on a very long globe-trotting adventure, and Haley, the communications coordinator who had the day off, went to Laxami Road, to shop. We took a rickshaw (a glorified tricycle), and when we got there realized it was Saturday and that we probably should have picked something else to do due to the amount of people.

But we decided to brave it and began at a sari shop that Sangam staff and visitors frequent. To purchase a sari or punjabi, you buy the material at a shop like the one we were at and then take it to a tailor and he makes it specific to your measurements. I picked out a green one with beadwork, and I know I will for sure be making at least one more trip there, there were SO MANY different colors and patterns to see.

My punjabi was 749 rupees, which is about $17 US, and the tailoring will be about 300 rupees and only takes a few days.

After some more shopping, we went to have lunch. It was a good thing Haley was with us, we would have have no idea what to do with that menu. She ordered us a few dishes as we all shared them, as is traditional in India. It was a vegetarian restaurant. We had a few tomato-based vegetable dishes, and some with rice. We ate them with Chapuri, that looks and tastes kind of like a tortilla, and that you use instead of silverware.




We shopped some more and then took a rickshaw back to Sangam, and just chilled out for the rest of the evening, I was still tired from my travels.

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The Beginning…

//ok, so I’m here at Sangam but I’m having internet problems.  I wrote this post in the airport, and I have a few more but I’ll post them when I get my connection fixed.  Sorry for the delay!//

Ok, is everyone ready!?  Last night it hit me…I’m going to India tomorrow!  And now tomorrow is today, my bags are packed (so little luggage for such a long time!) and I’m in Newark waiting for my second plane to take off to take me to Mumbai and then a four hour drive to Pune and Sangam.  I kind of fell asleep as we were descending, so I missed the really good view of NYC but I snapped this picture…

I’ve traveled a lot before in my life, but this is the first time I’m a little bit nervous.  It might be because I’ve never been anywhere as far away as India or because I have very little idea what I’ll be doing when I get there.  And that I’ll be gone for 3.5 months.  But whatever the reason, I know I’m more excited than nervous, and I can’t wait to arrive.

Well, I want to write more to take up more time since I have a looooooong time until my plane leaves, but I don’t have much more to say.  Please comment and let me know what you are most interested in hearing about India so we can take this awesome journey together!

Yours in Scouting,

Ana Cristina

36 Days and Counting

I leave for Sangam in 36 days.  Wow that seems so soon!  And I still have so much to do!  But I have done a lot already, including getting my visa, my tickets, my vaccines, and getting connected to Sangam.  You can connect too
on their website, Facebook, and/or Youtube.

Things that are still on my to-do list include making SWAPS, buy luggage, pack, buy my official GSUSA uniform, and reading more about WAGGGS and the goals of international Scouting/Guiding.

If I am not too busy with all of these preparations and more, I’ll try and post again before I leave.  Thanks for reading, and remember to comment and share my blog with anyone else you think may be interested in reading about my experience as a Sangam Volunteer.

Yours in Scouting,

Ana Cristina

Welcome to my blog!

Hey everyone, this is my blog for my upcoming trip to the Sangam World Centre in Pune, India, and hopefully subsequent Girl Scout trips.  Please subscribe and check back soon, I’m in the middle of lots of preparation for my trip and will post about it soon!

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