Girls’ World Forum day 0: Hello Again!

Wow, two posts on one day?  This is crazy!  Looking at the schedule it looks pretty packed so don’t expect this every day, but today is special.  In more ways than one.

Today is special because it is the beginning of an amazing, unique, life-changing experience for the hundreds of girls and young women who are at the moment in this hotel with me.  In the next week, we will meet each other, learn from each other, teach each other, and create plans and plant seeds that will, honestly and truly, change the world.

At dinner tonight, we heard from both the Connie Lindsey and Anna Maria Chávez, the National President and CEO of GSUSA, respectively.  They were both amazing speakers and inspired me, and I’m sure the rest of the women in the room.  It was almost the first time since getting off the train that I had sat down and taken a moment to let everything sink in, the fact that girls and women from over 90 countries were here, in this room, right now, and we were all sisters.  Paraphrasing from Anna Maria (AKA Girl Scout Eagle One), wherever we, as Girl Scouts and Girl Guides, go in the world, we have sisters.  Sisters with whom we may not share a language, a skin color, an economic class, a family structure, or much of anything at all, except that we all promise the same thing at our Scouting or Guiding meetings.  To be friendly, helpful, care for others, and responsible citizens.  That at least, is a place to start.  And where you end up is with a brand-new sister.

I took a video of part of Anna Maria’s speech, but I’m having trouble uploading it, hopefully I’ll figure it out soon so you all can see it.  Instead, here’s a picture the girls and I took at the weird photo booth on the street earlier today…


You took the picture and then you could email it to yourself…for free!

Talk to you all tomorrow, I can’t wait for Ali to get here and get started with all the learning!

-Ana Cristina