Delhi/Agra trip-Part 1

Namaste readers!
What trip to India would be complete without a trip to the Taj Mahal? None! So the two Sangam Volunteers (Rachel and Katrina) and I decided to take three days in early February off together and travel to Delhi with a day trip to the amazing Taj. I had never stayed in Delhi before, just passed through on my last incredibly quick trip to see the Taj last year. Neither Rachel nor Katrina had been to either city.
We began our journey on a Monday evening. We flew from Pune airport, which is very small, to Delhi, about an hour and 45 minute flight.
Most people, me included, would assume traveling by air domestically in India to be similar to if not more frustrating than doing so back home. But I think sometimes we forget the days when you didn’t have to take your shoes off to go through security and your bottle of water could travel full and no one had ever heard of a full body scanners. But those days are alive and strong in the Pune airport. After making our way through the ladies line (for a curtained off pat-down) me, Rachel, Katrina, and our full bottles of water and nail clippers made it safely to the plane. After a thankfully uneventful flight, we arrived in Delhi. We immediately realized a crucial detail we had forgotten while planning our trip. The weather. Delhi was COLD! We actually had looked at a weather report online and were ready for the forecasted rain, but none of us had thought to look at the temps. Alas, all we had for warmth were our scarves, which we wrapped tightly around ourselves and headed out into the city.
We caught a pre-paid taxi to our hotel, I highly recommend this method over trying to bargain for prices. You might pay a bit more, but it’s easier because you pay in advance and so don’t need to deal with money once you arrive at your hotel.
We stayed at hotel Vivek on the recommendation of a coworker. On Main Bazar road, the epitome of tourist streets, there are hotels and guest houses every few feet (or I guess I should say metres), only broken up by souvenir shops.
main bazar
Since I haven’t posted in a while, I will post this now rather than wait until my next day off to finish, and I’ll just make a new post for the rest of our trip, and I promise, there are more pictures on the way!